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My backstory & me getting into streaming!

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My channel & the


I started streaming on January 4th, 2019 and have been streaming for over 2 years. I had a pre-built PC with basic parts that I was then able to upgrade whilst working and studying in University! I play video games anyway so it kind of makes sense to stream them and let my community enjoy the games!

I started streaming after I was watching Ninja! I was honestly in love with the idea you could communicate with people, play the games you loved with an audience. Although I knew I wasn’t very good at them at the time, I knew I loved chatting to people so wanted to try it for myself.

I’ve never had any real experience, I’ve played video games since before I can remember. Streaming felt like it almost became natural to me. Before covid I had been living in South Wales having relocated from England. I had been working sales jobs, retail positions, account management, managing an office and then landed this position in sales and social media marketing. I found this to be VERY helpful for Twitch because it gave me an insight into how helpful social media can be for a company to grow their brand. It helped me with knowing the importance of being professional but also posting to be engaging!

I utilized what I’d learnt through my previous position in social media marketing and trialed this within Twitch and various other social media platforms. Structuring posts, preparing and finalizing during the day. It’s more of a trial and error process I believe, you’re not sure whats going to work for you until you try it!

I have been working since I was 17 and been in several different positions and companies. I was actually made redundant in March 2020 so I used this time to go full time and really try to push my content more. Focusing more on content creation on other platforms too! I have been at various different stages in my life where I had been streaming full time (currently) or part time at a job, university and streaming as well as maintaining a social life. Trying to focus on too many things at once can be really daunting and bad for your mental health and I found it hardest trying to juggle University, a full time job and streaming in the day. A lot of people see gaming as their ‘wind down time’, so when you stream you almost turn it into something more than that because it becomes more than just ‘wind down game time’.

My community are the most welcoming, friendly and active place ever! There are a mixture of Mods, VIPs, subs, non-subs, some of these being friends online, friends in RL, University friends, childhood friends and even my family! Anybody new who enters a stream is instantly welcomed by a mod or greeted by myself if they say hello! My community is a safe, inclusive place for anyone.

I’ve changed up the games I play from Hyper Scape, Fortnite, CS:GO, TFT, PUBG, League of Legends, Marbles, Jackbox, Fall Guys, Among Us, Apex Legends and even some chess! I LOVE chess! I currently really enjoy Hyper Scape, Apex Legends and TFT, although I really enjoy the ‘just chatting’ category at the moment this time allows me to really interact and connect with my community! I always describe it as a giant Whatsapp group where i’m the one with the face on the screen and it allows everyone to chat away and everybody else catch up.

Before streaming I had always played games via console, I own a capture card so could stream using Switch or any console. Sometimes I wind down after stream with certain games to keep my eyes fresh from the competitive side of the games I enjoy. These tend to be slower paced games that can take my attention away, like Chess or Teamfight Tactics. These games require more strategic plays which isn’t what I’m usually into but love to change it up!

When the opportunity arises and a space opens up, viewers are more than welcomed. I would like to know if they are new because this will alleviate any chance of them trolling for whatever reason! I play with viewers in most of my games, the people that play these games tend to be subs, or VIPs that I’m familiar with or already have as friends on whichever game I’ve opened it up to.

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